Our Team - Tara Skipp

Tara Skipp

Psychosocial Recovery Coach / Support coordinator

Tara Skipp,  Psychosocial Recovery Coach / Support coordinator for Taylor Made Outcomes.

Tara has decades of experience working in the community sector, particularly in the area of mental health. She has contributed to her local community through her roles in case management, youth work, school counselling and more. She brings to TMO a strong network of relationships in the Illawarra from years of both volunteer and professional work.

Tara holds a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences (counselling/sociology) and is a committed lifelong learner having completed further studies in psychology, business, mental health, trauma, yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

She is passionate about participating in trauma-informed, empowering, and respectful work with community members with psychosocial disabilities that helps them identify their strengths and unique gifts. She is grateful to be working for a provider that shares those values.