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Plan Management

plan managementIf you have chosen to be plan-managed, you will have funding for Improved Life Choices in your NDIS Plan.

Plan Management gives you the option of being supported by both NDIS registered and non-registered providers.  Because of this flexibility you have greater choice and control over your support needs

As your Plan Manager, Taylor Made Outcomes will:

  • Use your plans funding to pay for the supports you purchase,
  • Assist you to keep track of your funds,
  • If required help to link you in with supports,
  • Give you access to our client dash board and Passport app for real time tracking of your plan budget and spending.
  • Send you a monthly budget report. (see below for an example of what we provide)


As your plan manager Taylor Made Outcomes will charge your NDIS Plan a monthly administration fee and if your plan is new, a one off set up fee. This funding is located within your Improved Life Choices budget and will be sufficient to cover all Plan Management costs.

Getting started - simply call, email or send a message

Taylor Made Outcomes can then:

1. Provide you with a Service Agreement

2. Develop a Plan Management – Invoicing Information document for you to give to your support providers. Providers can view our information for providers page for more information

3. Create Service Bookings against your plan and build your budget in our secure participant management system

4. Allocate funding against your budget based on Service Agreements you make with your support providers

5. Offer support and guidance on how you can spend your plan

More information about Plan Management can be found on the NDIS Website

The Passport App

If you wish to use the Passport App please email us and we can get you started.

How to register

1. Download the app on your iOS or Android device by clicking here
2. Enter your NDIS Plan Number
3. Enter the unique code given to you by Taylor Made Outcomes
4. Begin using Passport!

For more information, please visit mypassportapp.com.au